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Computronics - Electronic Display Systems

Computronics is one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of LED electronic display systems.

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Company History

Established in 1976 by Ole Hansen (at right), Computronics has progressed to become one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of LED electronic display systems for leisure, transport and retail industries.

As Australia's largest manufacturer of electronic display systems, our ability to provide a complete turnkey package of product and services for our clients is unrivalled in the industry.

Computronics is Australia's only truly national Electronic Display System company with a comprehensive network of offices and support staff to facilitate one off projects and multiple site roll-out programs.

Computronics is recognised in the Top 100 Electronic Companies in Australia and rates highly in this group in R&D expenditure.

Computronics directly employs 75 personnel including a large contingent of qualified electronic engineers and technicians, fully supported by an experienced manufacturing, sales and project management team.

Our experienced staff are committed to delivering a highly responsive, personalised service on every project, and constantly strive to maintain the highest standards in product, software, hardware and customer satisfaction.

Flexibility in design

Research and Development (R&D) plays a vital role in Computronics growth and success.

Our extensive and continued capital investment in R&D has firmly positioned Computronics as the supplier of leading edge display systems in Australia and several export markets.

The fundamental philosophy of out product design is focused on flexibility and reliability.

Our development of a broad range of standardised and compatible "building blocks" has created cross market synergies and the ability to produce a wide range of products and display solutions customised to suit individual requirements.

Whilst our internal processes, stock control and productivity benefit from this design philosophy, the major advantages are passed onto our clients in product cost, production turn around and low cost maintenance.

Quality in manufacture

Computronics controls the entire design and production process in house, ensuring excellence in total quality.

Quality assurance procedures are established and maintained to verify all facets of the dev elopement and production process to meet the specifications and comply with the project schedule.

Computronics modern manufacturing facility boasts an extensive array of the latest electronic manufacturing and test equipment, housed in a clean anti-static environment.

Throughout the manufacturing sub assembly process all components are subjected to rigorous visual and electronic testing at each QA checkpoint.

Upon final assembly a comprehensive QA procedure checklist is completed. The full system check is then finalised with all products subjected to a monitored burn in test prior to despatch.

Computronics maintains a high inventory of component and sub assembled parts, ensuring the ability to efficiently manufacture products to suit project requirements and meet critical deadlines. All stock is managed by a fully computerised stock control system. This is an essential tool in maintaining accurate stock information and also aids in improving overall warehouse operation.

Computronics is committed to providing products and services of the highest quality. Our total quality management system is designed to meet the requirements of ISO9001.

Excellence in Service

Computronics provides customers with national sales and technical support through our own established offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Computronics also has an extensive network of installation and service agents covering regional Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and the United Kingdom.

Computronics seek to forge long term relationships with clients. Whilst manufacturing today's product our design and engineering team are tirelessly evaluating new technologies and developing for the future, keeping our customers at the forefront of visual communications.

Computronics "excellence in service" is delivered by a dedicated team of industry professionals, which is complemented by our extensive in-house engineering capability and disciplined manufacturing arm. We can deliver a complete turnkey solution on time, on budget and to specification.

Testimony to our commitment to quality service is found in our prestigious list of long term clients. This incorporates a large percentage of Australia's top 500 Companies and the major companies in the markets we service.


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2 Year Warranty
Computronics products have a 2 Year Warranty on service and parts.




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