Safety in Action 2009: Winner Best StandWinner Best Stand at Safety In Action 2009

Get serious about safety

Keeping OH&S policies and messages in the mind of workers can be a challenge without constant reminders. Static posters usually get dismissed after they are read once.

Get serious about safety and let Computronics LED display systems speak for themselves.

Accidents are preventable

Keeping safety on the minds of everyone at all times will prevent accidents on and off the job.

Most of the major Australian mining and resource companies already see this importance and have Computronics safety & production boards somewhere along the line.

Computronics Safety Display Systems

Messages will be noticed

The visibility of Computronics LED displays systems at great distances during both day or night makes them a great communication tool.

We are already conditioned to read LED roadside signs, cinema box office displays and airport arrival and departure displays for necessary information.

Computronics LED display systems will be noticed, and they will be read, as your eyes are attracted to light and movement.


• Current site conditions

• Announcements

• Safety messages

• Production targets

• Safety instructions

• Upcoming events

• Directions

• Company policies

Emergency alerts you can depend on

Messages can be scheduled for automatic update, or changed anytime to deliver critical information in the event of emergencies.

One week after installation, the safety sign display at Woodside Karratha Gas Plant was well utilised when Cyclone Clare lashed out with winds at 195 km/hr winds. The safety display helped to keep the company workforce informed right up until the power was cut. <Read More>

Quality, service and value

The workmanship that goes into all industrial display boards manufactured by Computronics makes them tough enough to even withstand cyclones. We offer quality, service and value.

By combining low power, low maintenance with unparalleled visibility, Computronics displays are the choice for delivering critical, timely and relevant messages. The signs come with easy to use software.

Designed to meet your needs

Computronics safety displays are custom built to meet your specific requirements. Examples of OH&S applications could include:

·          safety zones,

·          safety clothing/equipment requirements,

·          traffic direction,

·          production monitoring,

·          OH&S policy reminders,

·          time/temperature display and more.

Customers include:

• Adelaide Brighton Ltd

• Agnew Gold Mine

• Alcan

• Alcoa

• Anglo Coal

• Australian Cement

• BHP Billiton

• Blackwater Mine

• BOC Gases

• Boodarie Iron

• Boral

• BP

• Eraring Power

Griffin Coal

• Hammersley Iron

• IPI Freeport

• Kanowna Belle Gold Mine

• Karratha Gas Plant

• Lihir Gold, PNG

• Liddell Power

• Mt Isa Mines Ltd

• Newlands Coal

• Pasminco

Rio Tinto

• Robe

• Tahmoor Colliery

• Transgrid

• Wagerup Refinery

• Wesfarmers

• Western Mining

• Woodside Energy

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Computronics Display Systems.


Computronics is Australia 's largest manufacturer of LED signs and electronic displays.

Established in 1976, Computronics has progressed to become one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of LED electronic display systems. Over the past 30 years, Computronics has provided the resource with many quality electronic display solutions and safety boards.

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