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Electronic display solutions for airports.

  • Check-in displays
  • Departure & Arrival boards
  • Flight Information Displays
  • LCD & LED Displays
  • Airport Safety Signs
  • Advertising Displays

Transport Industry Solutions (pdf)

Check-in Displays

Computronics' range of Check-in Counter signs can be customised to fit your exact requirements. Choose your LED character sizes and colours in combination with backlit graphics to create a sign which expresses your image.

Communications options allow central control and local selection of messages from an unobtrusive desk mounted control panel which gives complete control at the touch of a button.

Integrate the system into the corporate network using a central data feed or operate stand-alone for maximum flexibility.

Flight Information Displays

Departure and Arrival Boards are an integral part of an airport, providing timely and important information to passengers and visitors alike.

The latest FIDS which combine full colour LCD screens with LED text. Related: Auckland Airport, Brisbane Airport

Small Airport FIDS

To cater for smaller regional airports, Computronics has adopted a low cost, flexible solution specifically designed to meet the needs of growing small to medium sized airports.

Start with a basic system that includes a single 4-line tri-colour display or add Check-in, Departure Lounge, Gate or Baggage Collection displays to suit your current requirements and future growth.

The base system includes scheduled airline timetables, with updateable estimated times and flight status.


Variable Message Displays

The Variable Message Displays are highly visible and perfect for communicating announcements and warnings in a changing environment and withstands tough outdoor conditions. Read More


Animator LCD

The popular LCD Screens from Computronics come complete with easy to use software. The screens are designed to be displayed for advertising, promotion, presentations and public notices.
Read More

Animator Pro

The Animator Pro+ syncronises LED text with full colour photos, allowing details to be updated to keep information accurate. The 30mm LED characters can be seen up to 25 metres away in absolute clarity.
Read More

Single and Multi Line Displays

Our single and multi Line displays have been incorporated by many leading interior designers for an attractive , low cost, long term information and advertising medium to provide a unique opportunity to attract attention and convey information. Read More

Vision Viewer

The Computronics Vision Viewer is an elegant presentation of 8 lines of 30mm LED lines with a top 50mm header in yellow. The display, complete with your own branding, is simple to program and easy-to-update. Read More

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Brisbane Airport
Brisbane Airport

Check InCheck In
Qantas Check-in Displays

Auckland Airport FIDs

Departure Boards

Flight Information Displays

Brisbane Qantas
Tri-colour LEDs

Small FIDs

Sydney Airport VMS
Sydney Airport

Outdoor VMS Safety Sign

Animator LCD
Animator LCD

Western Advertising

Animator PRO

Heathrow Airport, UK

Single Line Display

Vision Viewer
Vision Viewer



Computronics provides a total turnkey solution. Our team of designers, engineers, technicians and installers will ensure your signs and displays are manufactured to the highest standards and installed efficiently to your specific needs.

Custom Solutions

Did you have something else in mind?

Let the team at Computronics design and develop something that is tailored to your individual needs. Computronics has 30 years of experience in electronic signs and displays. Browse the Computronics website for further examples of products and applications or contact us for a no obligation discussion and quote.

The Reasons Why LED Signs Work!

1. People actually read LED messages; being conditioned to seeing information at airports, cinemas, highways and train stations.

2. Clearly visible day or night and legible at greater distance than similar-sized illuminated signs.

3. Change messages, at no charge, whenever required. Static signs cost money to change.

4. Low voltage = long life, low maintenance and BIG savings on power bills.

2 Year Warranty

Computronics products carry a 2 Year Warranty for service and parts.





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