Computronics Betting Displays

Computronics has a range of Bookmaker's Boards to suit any betting and gaming environment.




Bookmaker's Boards

Computronics is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of electronic Bookmakers Boards with multiple sites in Australia, UK and Ireland.

Computronics offers a broad range of Electronic Bookmakers Boards that suit most of the computerised bookmakers systems available.

Bookmakers Boards are available in various formats that include:

Full LED

  • Odds only Win
  • Odds only Win and Place
  • Fields from 8 lines for
  • Greyhound racing up to 32 lines for specialised racing events
  • Various brightness's are available to suit indoor, semi-outdoor and outdoor brightness applications

Computronics also offers a range of custom options:

  • Different colour fields for WIN, Place and Horse Name
  • 10 Character 50mm Electronic Header (Scrolling Sign)
  • 10 Character 50mm and a 13 Character 30mm Electronic Header
  • Odds change push buttons on side of cabinet

Why Computronics?

Computronics provides a total turnkey solution. Our team of designers, engineers, technicians and installers will ensure your signs and displays are manufactured to the highest standards and installed efficiently to your specific needs.

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Bookie Board

Bookie Board

Bookie Board





Custom Solutions

Did you have something else in mind?

Let the team at Computronics design and develop something that is tailored to your individual needs. Computronics has 30 years of experience in electronic signs and displays. Browse the Computronics website for further examples of products and applications or contact us for a no obligation discussion and quote.

The Reasons Why LED Signs Work!!

  1. People actually read LED messages; being conditioned to seeing information at airports, cinemas, highways and train stations.
  2. Clearly visible day or night and legible at greater distance than similar-sized illuminated signs.
  3. Change messages, at no charge, whenever required. Static signs cost money to change.
  4. Low voltage = long life, low maintenance and BIG savings on power bills.

2 Year Warranty

Computronics products carry a 2 Year Warranty for service and parts.




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