Computronics Council Solutions

Computronics has a variety of quality and flexible electronic display solutions for councils.



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Council applications of LED displays may include:

  • Welcome Displays
  • Notice Boards
  • Scoreboards for sporting grounds and recreation centers
  • Building Directory Board Systems
  • Safety Signs
  • Street Art
  • Transport Signs (Including Airport FIDs)
  • Variable Speed Limit Displays
  • Variable Message Displays
  • Large Colour Video Screens
  • Advertising & Promotion Displays
  • Car Parking Area Signage

Street Art
Mount St, Banyule VIC
Street Art

Below are some of the Computronics product solutions for councils.

Car Park Signage
Car Park Signs

Welcome Display
Welcome Pylon

Variable Speed Sign
School Zone

Variable Speed Sign


Variable Message Displays (VMS/Bi-lines/Multi-line)

Variable Message Signs are recognised as being essential for communicating important annoucements, as well as being adaptable for a variety of other purposes, such as an advertising display and scoreboard. Read More

City Of Bunbury
City of Bunbury, WA

VMS Display on Trailer - Scoreboard Mode

Animator Pro

The Animator Pro+ syncronises LED text with full colour photos, allowing details to be updated to keep information accurate. The 30mm LED characters can be seen up to 25 metres away in absolute clarity.
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Animator LCD

The Animator LCD display combines the latest LCD screens with our software for easy to use digital signage.
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Animator LCD

Directory Boards

The Computronics Directory Board directs the public to the right place in a changing environment.

Announcements, notices, events and meetings can be scheduled and displayed on the electronic directory system.

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Directory Board
Building Directory System

Single and Multi Line Displays

Single and Multi Line Displays are recognised as a low cost, long term information and advertising medium that provides a unique opportunity to attract attention and convey information.
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Fremantle Welcome Display
Welcome LED Display

Vision Viewer

The Computronics Vision Viewer is one of the most versatile and advanced electronic retail displays available.
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Vision Viewer
Vision Viewer

Computronics provides a total turnkey solution. Our team of designers, engineers, technicians and installers will ensure your signs and displays are manufactured to the highest standards and installed efficiently to your specific needs.

Custom Solutions

Did you have something else in mind?

Let the team at Computronics design and develop something that is tailored to your individual needs. Computronics has 30 years of experience in electronic signs and displays. Browse the Computronics website for further examples of products and applications or contact us for a no obligation discussion and quote.

The Reasons Why LED Signs Work!!

  1. People actually read LED messages; being accustomed to reading LED messages at airports, cinemas, roads and train stations.
  2. Clearly visible day or night and legible at greater distance than similar-sized illuminated signs.
  3. Change messages anytime, at no charge, whenever required. Static signs cost money to change.
  4. LEDs are reliable, low maintenance, 'Solid State' devices (not globes) that have a long life span of over 100,000 hours. LEDs run on low voltage and use little power, meaning BIG savings on power bills.

2 Year Warranty

Computronics products carry a 2 Year Warranty for service and parts.





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