Computronics Finance Solutions

Computronics provides a range of LED display solutions for financial institutions.



Recent PDF Project Sheets:
Bank of Queensland
Bloomberg Ticker
Connect Finance

Financial Tickers

Computronics software can be customised to interface with data systems to show scrolling financial rates on our electronic signs.

Trading Boards

Trading Boards are used to display stock exchange data. Recently Computronics installed a large tri-colour trading board in the new Westpac Trading Floor at their Sydney headquarters

Exchange Rate Currency Board

Computronics developed and designed the populated LED foreign exchange boards (Image on right). The flexibility in this design allows variables to be easily updated.

Currency Board
Foreign Exchange Board

Electronic Directory Boards

The Electronic Directory System in your building foyer can be effectively programmed to direct people to meetings as well as displaying daily agendas and public notices.
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Variable Message Displays (VMS/Bi-lines/Multi-line)

Computronics Variable Message Signs are clearly visible LED displays where information and simple graphics can be programmed to fit the area of an LED screen, - a flexible display solution for any indoor or outdoor application.
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Animator LCD

The Animator LCD display is designed for viewing in public places, and comes complete with software to suit your digital signage requirements.
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Animator Pro

The Animator Pro is an attractive display which combines easy-to-read LED text syncronised with the LCD screen to call attention to itself.
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Single and Multi Line Displays

Single and Multi Line Displays are recognised as a low cost, long term information and advertising medium that can be customised to fit your interiors. Read More

Vision Viewer

The Computronics Vision Viewer is an elegant presentation of programmable LED messages that is easy to read, easy to use and easy to update. Read More

Bloomberg Ticker
Bloomberg Financial Tickers
Bloomberg, Sydney

LED Financial Ticker
Project Story (pdf)

Westpac Trading Board
Westpac Headquarters

Large LED Trading Board

Ratex Board
Ratex Board

Exchange Board
Foreign Exchange Board

LED Directory Board

Animator LCD
Animator LCD

Bank of Qld
Animator PRO

Single Line Display
Indoor Single Line

Vision Viewer
Vision Viewer


Why Computronics?

Computronics provides a total turnkey solution. Our team of designers, engineers, technicians and installers will ensure your signs and displays are manufactured to the highest standards and installed efficiently to your specific needs.

Custom Solutions

Did you have something else in mind?

Let the team at Computronics design and develop something that is tailored to your individual needs. Computronics has 30 years of experience in electronic signs and displays. Browse the Computronics website for further examples of products and applications or contact us for a no obligation discussion and quote.

The Reasons Why LED Signs Work!!

  1. People actually read LED messages; being conditioned to seeing information at airports, cinemas, highways and train stations.
  2. Clearly visible day or night and legible at greater distance than similar-sized illuminated signs.
  3. Change messages, at no charge, whenever required. Static signs cost money to change.
  4. Low voltage = long life, low maintenance and BIG savings on power bills.

2 Year Warranty

Computronics products carry a 2 Year Warranty for service and parts.




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