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Variable Message Displays (VMS/Bi-lines/Multi-line)

Computronics has just launched a new range of Variable Message Displays - a flexible display solution for any indoor or outdoor application.
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Single Line Sign

This is a single line display, which can be tailored to any size, low cost mono or tri-colour matrix display with a wealth of programmable features with two methods of programming - infra-red and PC. Your message can scroll, roll up, roll down, jump and flash. Available in a variety of colours to match your existing decor.

Computronics can custom build multi-lines of any size character to suit your needs. Vertical positioning is also available.


Real Estate
VMS Display

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Single Line

Download Single and Multi Line PDF Brochure



Under Awning Display

Under Awning signage provides you with a unique opportunity to attract attention and convey information to pedestrians and passing traffic. For use with or without light boxes. This single line message can scroll, roll up, roll down, jump and flash. Available in a variety of colours.

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Under Awning

Light Box with Single Line Display

Highlight your street sign with a single line message that can scroll, roll up, roll down, jump and flash, or provide passers by with a focus point with a time and temperature display.



Info Boards

Highlight upcoming events and information with an LED Info board. Info boards are compact stand alone units. 290mm x 750mm, fully programmable, allowing your four line, 30mm character message to roll up, roll down, jump and flash. Available in various colours.

Info boards can be seen at a distance of 25 meters indoor and 12 meters outdoor.

Download Info board PDF Brochure




Animator Pro

Unleash the power of full colour images on a LCD or Plasma screen (up to 65"), which can display both images and video. This is combined with a 4 lines x 20 character LED display which commands attention. Your LED message can be situated above, below, left or right of the screen. Your message can roll up, roll down, jump and flash. The cabinet finish can be made to fit in with your decor.

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Animator Pro

Big Plasma Screens

Highlight properties with a big plasma in your window display. Fully programmable, stand alone unit. Display your premium properties with videos, stills or website content.

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Multiple LCD Screens

Create a professional window with multiple LCD screens, which are fully programmable to meet your needs. Highlight your best properties or advertise them all digitally.

Lots of applications and uses. Still pictures or video - get people to take a virtual tour of a property or house.

LCD and Plasma screens are available in sizes from 15" to 65".

Download Animator LCD PDF Brochure


Multiple LCD

Light Box with Time/Temp

Highlight your street sign and provide passers by with a focus point with a time and temperature display. With the display alternating between the current time and temperature, the ability to create awareness to your static advertising message will ensure your signage remains a landmark in the local area.


Time Temp

Computronics provides a total turnkey solution. Our team of designers, engineers, technicians and installers will ensure your signs and displays are manufactured to the highest standards and installed efficiently to your specific needs.

Custom Solutions

Did you have something else in mind?

Let the team at Computronics design and develop something that is tailored to your individual needs. Computronics has 30 years of experience in electronic signs and displays. Browse the Computronics website for further examples of products and applications or contact us for a no obligation discussion and quote.

The Reasons Why LED Signs Work!!

1. People actually read LED messages; being conditioned to seeing information at airports, cinemas, highways and train stations.

2. Clearly visible day or night and legible at greater distance than similar-sized illuminated signs.

3. Change messages, at no charge, whenever required. Static signs cost money to change.

4. Low voltage = long life, low maintenance and BIG savings on power bills.

2 Year Warranty

Computronics products carry a 2 Year Warranty for service and parts.




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