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Display Solutions for the Transport Industries

Computronics has a variety of LED electronic display solutions for the transport industries



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Rail Display Solutions

Computronics has worked with Rail Corp to develop display solution needs such as Next Train Displays, Ticket Collector Terminals, and Vision Viewer information boards.

Computronics can design and manufacture rail transport displays to meet the individual needs and specifications of the rail system.

Bus Terminals

Computronics supplied and installed travel information displays for the bus terminal at Star City Casino.

Computronics draws on its wealth of experience with FIDS (Flight Information Displays) for the airport industry and applies it to other transport industries such as buses.

Container Ports

Computronics supplied and installed LED displays for the P&O Ports.

Parking Conditions

Computronics has supplied many carparks with highly visible LED displays to direct traffic around.















2 Year Warranty
Computronics products have a 2 Year Warranty on service and parts.

Brisbane Airtrain
Brisbane Airtrain

Next Train Displa

Ticket Gate Displays

Vision Viewer

Bus Terminal Display

Port Displa
Port Display

Carpark Entry Displays

Outdoor Parking Condition Display

Outdoor Parking Conditions





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