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All year purpose scoreboards

June 2008


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The season is well and truly over for the likes of cricket, so what can clubs and schools do with their scoreboards?

The scoreboard becomes a valuable advertising display that can be leased out, or be utilized in another sport.

All year purpose on a custom-built trailer

VMS Displays are much more than a scoreboard, and Scarborough Cricket Club has made the most of its versatility by having the display installed on a custom-built trailer to give it an all-year-round purpose.

The club has extended the use of its VMS display outside the cricket season to lease to club members wanting to advertise their local businesses to gradually recoup the cost of the sign. Read more.

Multiple scoreboard option

Scotch College maximizes their VMS scoreboard for an all year purpose by installing both Cricket and AFL Scoreboard Manager Software. Read more.

Wireless communication

Both scoreboard uses the Computronics’ Variable Message Sign (VMS) technology, controlled by a laptop with wireless bluetooth technology, so messages can be updated regularly at a remote location.

Variable Messages

As the name suggests, the VMS display does more than score games and advertise businesses. To name a few, it can be used to display player names, game statistics, sponsorship logos and upcoming events.

It has a standard time and temperature feature, and LED brightness sensor.

For more information about VMS Displays or other electronic display solutions, visit our website, or contact us on 1300 888 506.

Computronics Variable Message Displays are recognised as a cost effective, long term signage solution.
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WIN Stadium lights up for the NRL season with two new red Variable Message scoreboards.
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By their very nature, schools need to provide clear noticeable instructions and messages to their students and staff on a regular basis.
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Computronics provides electronic display solutions for any sporting application and budget.
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