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School Zones
Variable Speed Signs

Computronics Variable Speed Sign improves the safety of School Zones.



Developed 2006

This custom developed sign incorporates four highly visual elements.

1. Variable Message - The programmable message panel at the top provides an opportunity to communicate text messages.

2. Yellow Wig Wags - The flashing yellow clusters of LEDs demand the attention of the motorists.

3. Variable Speed - The Display has the ability to change the speed limit.

4. Illuminated Red Annulus - The annulus (the circle around the speed) is a familiar part of a static speed sign. Therefore, the illuminated annulus reinforces the display's function.

Other Key Features:

  • Positioning over the roadway, in the line of sight of motorists.
  • Easy to update calendaring system that can be unique for each school.
  • Memory backup.
  • Ability to report faults to a central control.
  • Event Log recordings for Law Enforcement purposes.
  • Solar powered versions are available.
  • IP65 Cabinets (Fully sealed)
  • Ability to attach to Streetscape poles.

Computronics specialises in custom solutions. These signs are the latest in technology and have the flexibility in design that allows for any future upgrades.

For further information regarding this project contact Computronics on
1300 888 506 or see our contact page.

Download PDF Project Sheet

2 Year Warranty
Computronics products have a 2 Year Warranty on service and parts.


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Variable Speed Sign

Variable Speed Sign

Variable Speed Sign




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