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Electronic signs are the way for retail technology

As the technology market never stops moving, IT Tools takes a stand in the marketplace with the installation of a Computronics sign in their shopfront window.

The Computronics electronic VMS window display was chosen as a solution to give IT Tools a competitive edge in attracting potential customers to its store for it's ability to program a series of variable messages which can be clearly seen from hundreds of metres away.

"We get regular specials from suppliers, and the sign saves us costs in creating new poster displays every time we want to advertise a new offer," says Hussein Jaafar, Director, IT Tools.

"We wanted make the most of the store's position, located at a prime set of the traffic lights," he said.

During the six months of operation, IT Tools has noticed an immediate response to the specials on the display.

The VMS display, with automatic brightness control, can display LED text up to 512 mm in character height, which makes it visible from well over 300 metres away.

"The brightness from the LED is eye catching, and the sign never gets turned off, so we even get brilliant advertising at night."

"The electronic sign (from Computronics) was a very good investment, it's definitely well worth it", says Mr Jaafar.

IT Tools Pty Ltd is one of Australia's leading refurbished IT equipment retailers, and is part of a group of companies that supply complete customised IT Solution starting from Network Design, support & implementation, Hosting, Development Web design, new IT equipment and used servers.

Installation Date: December 2008

Key Features:

  • Model: VMS16:32x80-RED
  • Sign Dimensions: 1444mm x 706mm
  • 16 mm pitch (distance between LED clusters)
  • Resolution: 32 x 80 (rows x columns of LED clusters)
  • Time display and temperature sensor
  • Multimedia software

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2 Year Warranty

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