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  Moorebank Sports Club VMS Sign  

New Roadside Bulletin for Sporties

Moorebank Sports Club has noticed an increase in patronage after the installation of a Computronics double-sided variable message display on the busy Heathcote Road.

The club, known as Sporties, prides itself on providing a wide variety of events and free entertainment to cater to all interests. Events range from cabaret-style entertainment to competitive poker tournaments, members' badge draws and promotions, to free Friday Night band entertainment.

As there is always something happening at Sporties, there was a need to find a cost effective advertising channel to draw patrons back to the club.

With 20,000 vehicles regularly passing through Heathcote Road, an electronic sign was the solution and Computronics was chosen for its functionality as a roadside bulletin board.

"We needed a sign with time controls, that enabled large size text for passing traffic to see, and could be installed at a reasonable price," says Jeff Gibbs, Marketing Manager, Moorebank Sports Club.

"Since the installation of the sign we have experienced no problems with it, it has survived rain and storms."

"Feedback from patrons has also been positive and we are very happy with the Computronics sign," said Mr Gibbs.

Installation Date: May 2009


  • Model: VMS20-48x112
  • Sign Dimensions: 2404mm (w) x 1184mm (h)
  • 20 mm pitch (distance between LED clusters)
  • Resolution: 48 x 112 (rows x columns of LED clusters)
  • Multimedia software

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