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Animator PRO

The AnimatorPRO display is one of the most versatile and powerful marketing tools available. Packed with a host of features it is ideal for any retail application.



ULTRA BRIGHT LCD SCREENS NOW AVAILABLE! - Ideal for outdoor or direct sunlight situations.


The AnimatorPRO allows you to display a slide show of still images and/or video accompanied with 4 lines of LED text. It even has the ability to display multiple pages of text for each slide.

Promote your brand, products or services more effectively using still or moving images and bright LED text, which can be read up to 25 metres away.

Product professional slide shows with easy via the user friendly windows based software, Simply create the show, upload the images and text and away you go.


LCD/Plasma Display

  • 17", 19", 30", 42", 50" and 65" high brightness LCD/Plasma.
  • Wide viewing angle
  • 24-bit True Colour

LED Display

  • 30mm Character height
  • Available in Red, Green, Yellow or Blue
  • 4 lines by 20 characters
  • Easy to use windows based software
  • Multiple page display facility
  • Up to 25 pages can be programmed
  • Page timer facility
  • Solid state Disk (No moving parts)
  • Supported Formats
    • Windows Bitmap - .bmp
    • Jpeg Images - .jpg
    • Mpeg Movies - .mpg
    • Avi Moves - .avi
    • Linux Based

Download Product PDF Brochure

Download PDF Product Examples for Clubs

Download Software Display PDF Sheet

2 Year Warranty
Computronics products have a 2 Year Warranty on service and parts.



Animator Pro

Animator Pro Tall

Western Advertising AnimatorPRO
Western Advertising

42" AnimatorPRO

AMP Centre - AnimatorPRO
AMP Homemaker Centre

42" AnimatorPRO





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