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Electronic Billboards

Computronics Ultra-bright LED signs turn an ordinary outdoor site into a Supersite.

The ability to change interactive massages from a remote location will ensure a long term interest in your adverting and give you ultimate flexibility in your advertising message.


With outdoor providing one of the most cost effective means of advertising, marketers strive to attract attention and maintain interest in their billboards amongst the visual extravaganza presented in the surrounding landscape.

Computronics Electronic LED Billboard Signs provide a unique way to increase the value and revenue of your sites.

Computronics displays are a reliable cost effective means of advertising and enhancing your campaign profile, giving increased reach and exposure, ideally suited to high frequency vehicle and pedestrian sites.

Computronics have developed a host of communication options and user friendly software packages allowing manual or automatically scheduled message updates instantly from any location.

Due to the modular construction most signs and displays are easily moved from site to site further enhancing long term return on investment.

Single-line & Multi-line LEDs

Single-line or Multi-line LED displays provide increased awareness and functionality to the billboard.

Time Temp displays

LED Time and Temperature Displays enhance the billboard's ability to create awareness, and turns the billboard into a landmark in the local area.

RGB Screens

Computronics has a LED/RGB screen solution which can transform a billboard into a full colour video screen.

Electronic Billboard PDF Brochure

Ford Billboards project pdf

Connect Finance Billboard project pdf


2 Year Warranty
Computronics products have a 2 Year Warranty on service and parts.


Rosehill Billboard
Rosehill Gardens - Sydney

Ford Billboards

Melbourne Water Billboard

Connect Finance Billboard
Connect Finance Billboard

Hobart Tasmania






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