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LED Bookmaker's Boards

Computronics is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of Electronic Bookmakers Boards with multiple sites in Australia, UK and Ireland.



Computronics offers a broad range of Electronic Bookmakers Boards that suit most of the computerised bookmakers systems available.

Bookmakers Boards are available in various formats that include:

  • Full LED
  • Odds only Win
  • Odds only Win and Place
  • Fields from 8 lines for Greyhound racing up to 32 lines for specialised racing events
  • Various brightness's are available to suit indoor, semi-outdoor and outdoor brightness applications

Computronics also offers a range of custom options:

  • Different colour fields for WIN, Place and Horse Name
  • 10 Character 50mm Electronic Header (Scrolling Sign)
  • 10 Character 50mm and a 13 Character 30mm Electronic Header
  • Odds change push buttons on side of cabinet

2 Year Warranty
Computronics products have a 2 Year Warranty on service and parts.


Bookie Board


Bookie Board


Bookie Board


Bookie Board






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