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LED Cinema Signs and Displays

Since the evolution of the multi cinema complex, Computronics TEXTLITE electronic display systems have been the industry benchmark for cinemas all across Australia and abroad.



From the national operators to an increasing list of independents, TEXTLITE is the preferred system every time.

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Recent Projects:

Astor Theatre - Western Australia
Greater Union - Campbelltown NSW

Computronics Animator Cinema Display Solution

The Computronics ANIMATOR display is the global leader in a new generation of cinema box office signage.

The ANIMATOR can be programmed to alternate movie titles/session times with full screen promotional colour graphic images or 3D animation.

This facility may be used to promote coming attractions current blockbusters or candy bar snacks and can make a focal point of your ticket box.

Computronics software is designed for easy scheduling of graphic animations and promotions can be set to only appear on unused portions of the ANIMATOR display. The operating modes of the software are

  • Semi Automatic System: A stand alone PC based system where the user enters data weekly. Box office and door signs then update automatically. Promotional message input is optional.
  • Fully Automatic System: Directly interfaces to the ticketing system for data download of movie titles and session times. Runs completely unsupervised.
  • Comprehensive System: A fully automatic system deriving movie titles and session times from the ticketing system with a manager's PC for manual override of data and input of promotional messages for both box office and door signs. It also enables information to be managed for concourse, food court signage, hamper and pylon signs.

The widows based platform also features a manual override to the automatic data input from the ticketing system.

Cinema Door Signs

Electronic door signs interface to the cinema ticketing system to operate totally unsupervised.

The number of screens within cinema multiplexes is increasing, as is the ability to show a vast selection of movies with varied session times.

This increases the need to effectively direct your patrons into the correct cinema with minimum staff involvement, leaving the Computronics real time information system to do the work will get your patrons in front of the big screen faster and enable your staff to be more productive elsewhere.

The Windows data base management software also enables promotional messages to be added to the movie titles as desired.

Electronic door signs are usually 20 characters long, with a character height of 50mm, giving clear visibility for up to 30m. Different colours and sizes using a range of the standard display modules can be assembled to order.

Computronics has a host of cabinet options that can be customised to suit interior design requirements.

LCD Displays

Computronics has recently installed Animator LCD screens in the first multiplex cinema in Vietnam. The screens are controled by Computronics' Cinema Manager Software that interfaces with the ticketing system for automatic updates on a regular basis.
Read more about AnimatorLCD

2 Year Warranty
Computronics products have a 2 Year Warranty on service and parts.


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Cinema Display
Greater Union - Bondi Junction

GU Campelltown
Greater Union Campbelltown

George St Cinema Complex

George St Cinema Complex

Greater Union Bondi Junction

Hoyts Blacktown

Hoyts Fox Studios


Vietnam LCD
Vietnam Cinema

Animator LCD

Cinema Door
Cinema Door Sign

Cinema Door
Cinema Door Sign





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