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LED Digital Lighting System (Swizzle Sticks)

This Digital Lighting System is ideal for providing high impact signage at night from a great distance.


This is a low cost solution to signage that is intended to be viewed at night at viewing distances greater than 100m.

Daytime visibility is possible if LED clusters are populated with certain colours of ultra bright LEDs or when not in direct sunlight.

Swizzle Sticks provides a unique opportunity to attract attention and convey information.

Swizzle Sticks can be programmed to change messages and graphics at anytime. There are limitless uses for Swizzle Sticks.


  • Programmable with simple text and graphic effects
  • Suitable for outdoor nighttime use
  • Mono in various colour or full colour option available - yellow, red, blue, green and white
  • Standard rod size is 800mm (also available in 1200 and 1600mm) and can be built to any size required
  • User friendly software allows unlimited flexibility to target your message, ensuring your display will never date and will remain a focal point
  • Messages can be changed instantly from PC onsite or a remote location via wireless links or through the Internet
  • Custom orders and made to measure displays available


2 Year Warranty
Computronics products have a 2 Year Warranty on service and parts.


Digital Lighting Building
RGB Swizzle Sticks

Animated Swizzles
Animated Swizzle Sticks
(5 Sticks Per Line)

The below images are conceptual only.



Swizzle Sticks






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