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LED Directory Boards

Computronics Building Directories combine an elegant high-tech look with functionality.


Building Directory System (PDF)

Event Directory Board System (PDF)

Event Directory Door card System (PDF)

Event Directory System (PDF)

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Wests Ashfield Directory System

Electronic Building Directories

The Building Directory system can get updated information and tenant listings instantly from a local or remote location, allowing flexibility for building managers and owners. Additional features include short term messages, maintenance notices, meeting room occupancy and special events.

Electronics Directory Systems add a unique feature to the venue by utilising LED displays against conventional aluminum slat directories or monitors.

The main directory can be complemented with sub directories in lift areas, corridors and alternative entry points providing continuity of directional information.

The building directory systems can be configures in varied brightness options to suit any lighting conditions. They are available in a range of finished and deigned to compliment any decor or architectural finish limited only by your imagination

Events Directory Board

Main directory boards strategically positioned at entry points and lobbies offer a personalised greeting that your patrons will instantly recognise by event/function identification.

For larger venues supplementary directory boards can be installed adjacent to lifts , auditorium areas and secondary entry points providing continuity of directory information.

The ability to direct patrons to the correct event or function ensures maximum utilisation of your facilities whilst ensuring functions commence on time with minimal disruptions.

This fully automated system will eliminate the need for staff to continually update manual directories and ensures all details are current with last minute changes being made instantaneously at the control PC.

From the inception of the booking, all event details and display parameters are logged into the database for automatic display and deletion.

Your customers and staff will appreciate the automated operation, up to the minute information and concise directions to their special function or event.

Events Directory Door Cards

The Door Cards remain fully interactive with the Directory Boards and Management System to display up to the minute data.

Your patrons instantly have the reference of their specific function to guide them through your venue to their function location with minimal supervision from your staff. This is particularly important for multi level and larger venues with the capacity to hold several functions at the same time.

Door Cards can incorporate an optional 'occupied switch' inside each room. This allows an occupied message to show on the outside door card ensuring meetings are not disturbed and the occupied status is reported to the Management System PC to alleviate double booking.

An infinite range of Door Card designs and finishes are available to complement your existing decor.



2 Year Warranty
Computronics products have a 2 Year Warranty on service and parts.


Wests Ashfield
Wests Ashfield

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