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LED Keno Displays

Computronics LED Keno boards provide extreme clarity without the annoying flicker and image deterioration associated with TV screens and monitors. Computronics Keno Displays can be supplied directly from TabCorp.



The direct system interface includes live ball draw, game number, spot jackpots, themed games and the ability to run local promotional messages between games.

ANIMATOR displays provide a dynamic display utilizing 2D and 3D animation techniques. The tri-colour and full colour RGB models incorporate superior quality sound synchronized with high definition ball draw and advertising.

There are 2 models available, the LED6 premium tri-colour display and the smaller LED7 mono colour. Mix and match these models in any combination to ensure all players are up to date regardless of venue size and layout.


  • Size 1055mm x 1000mm (W x H)
    Weight 15Kg
  • Top Line - 20 Character, 50mm mono red display.
  • Grid - 50mm Tri-colour LED display
  • Bottom Line - 20 Character, 50mm tri-colour scrolling display


  • Size - 650mm x 775mm (W x H)
    Weight - 8Kg
  • Top Line - 13 Character, 50mm mono green display
  • Grid
    • Top half - 30mm mono yellow
    • Bottom half - 30mm mono red.
  • Bottom Line - 13 Character, 50mm mono green scrolling display.


  • Spot number jackpot display
  • Most / Least drawn numbers
  • Heads / Tails result
  • Live ball draw
  • Previous game history

Spot jackpot, slave displays and programmable message signs can be integrated into the system to provide eye catching features that will keep your players interested.

Using the latest in design and manufacturing techniques, Computronics is able to provide a low cost and highly reliable product to minimise costly downtime.

2 Year Warranty
Computronics products have a 2 Year Warranty on service and parts.

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